Private and Group Bali Retreats 

The island of Bali is one of the most expressively creative places on earth. If you have an inkling of creative energy flowing, it will amplify it quickly and allow you to express it. If you have a lot of it flowing, it will expand it more and take that potential in new directions.

I've been going to Bali for almost 2 decades and find that if you are ready to open your mind and explore more of your own potential, then these retreats are for you! You can explore by going with a group for a week or joining me for a private trip is the super accelerated program to get you results in a fun and adventurous way.

Private Retreat with Kelly

If you feel stuck, in transition or have the nagging feeling that there has to be something more, a private retreat may be the quickest way to get clarity and start experiencing more fulfillment. 

Private retreats are week long all-inclusive immersions in Bali with me and you. During the week we immerse in the culture and beauty of Bali, while also gaining practices that are customized to you so you get fast results, creating what you want. Create more, feel more, connect more, tap into higher levels of personal success - exploring that something else that you have been seeking.

This opportunity is for people who are curious and really want to explore more possibilities for their lives, personal and business, and change things up inside and out. What happens in one week is simply amazing! 

To find out more about how a private immersion would work for you set up a call HERE.

Bali Creatives Retreat April 2019

With Valori Wells

Immerse in Bali - Unleash your Creativity - Expand - Be an Artist of Life

April 6 - 13th, 2019 Go HERE for details!!  

Bali Creatives Retreat 2018

Immerse in Bali - Unleash your Creativity - Expand - Be an Artist of Life

November 12-19th, 2018

Go HERE for details on the next retreat!! 

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