To confirm - YES, there IS something else.

Those nagging feelings of "there has to be something else" or "this just isn't enough" or "I've done all this stuff why doesn't it feel better than this?" - they are valid and you are right.

Here are some of the words to describe what I now feel and what clients have expressed:

Powerful. Effortless. Expansive. Possible. Playful.

Curious. Connected. Creative. 

That feeling of more is available and you can have it, you just can’t think your way there the same as you have in the past.

The thinking that got you to high achieving is fantastic and serves you well, but that thinking will not get you to high fulfillment.

With a few simple tweaks in how you approach the world, you will see all possibilities and feel way lighter! You will experience that you are way more powerful - just as you suspected.

Often when we are about ready to tweak our thinking, we are met with the symptoms of irritation, frustration and feelings of stuck. 

Ready to get unstuck and move forward? 

Set up a free complimentary call and I will give you a specific, actionable tool to get you unstuck for immediate results.

The Amy I am today is 180 degrees different from the Amy I was a year and a half ago when Kelly and I met. And I’m grateful every day since then that the universe dropped her into my world!

If you’re ready to transform and want the most fun, supportive, committed, intuitive partner to help you do it, go NOW and at least have a conversation with Kelly to see if you’re a good fit for the magic she’s bringing to the world. I GUARANTEE you won’t be sorry you did.
— Amy Birks, Strategy Ninja
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“Last spring I got to the point that I was ready to dive deeper into the business. Kelly has changed my life completely, I just became a different person, with different paths as I figured out where I want to go. In September, we brought her to work with me to discover who I want to be as a leader and what we want the shop to become. She’s been a huge influence and catalyst. I call her my angel!”
— Valori Wells, Fabric Designer and Owner of The Stitchin' Post
¨I am eternally grateful. I have never felt better. I just woke up one morning dissatisfied with where I was. I had pretty much everything I ever wanted but I still wasn´t happy. Then I saw one of Kelly´s posts, I reached out an there I am. Never felt more fulfilled in what I am doing; leading a more creative life, paying off 100x more than the investment!¨
— Rick Villasin, Wine and Beer Connoisseur and Expert
I came home from Bali with tangible tools, approaches and practices ... creating my next 7 year journey and adventure.

You helped me articulate the vision more clearly and set me on the path equipped with the tools and abilities to move forward.
— Mary Jaensch, Coach and Consultant, Last Big Gig
I’m doing great since our weekend. It really deepened how I work - I think the HOW I work was radically altered with that shift to focusing on being channel of creative expression. I also can see when I am being victim to energy/time rather than a master of it. I finished draft #1 of the book this past weekend!
— Madeleine Eno, Writer and Writing Coach