Here's what's possible ... 

You can accomplish and create more of what you really desire with much less energy, no stress and no overwhelm. 

Everything becomes more fluid and enjoyable.  

All of the work we do is focused on getting you the same result - living a fulfilling and meaningful life in a way that requires you to expend less energy while generating more. 

How I work with clients varies because each of us is unique. Some of us move fast and furious, while some of us grow at a slower simmer. Everything I do is custom and has to meet you where you are at. Take a look at some of the options and set up a call to explore some options.

Private work

I've found that working 1:1 gets the fastest results for my clients. Why? The mind is the great strength and the great limitation for us high achievers. Because you are so smart, your mind will hold on to what is already knows in its quest for your continued success ... even if that is a limited success. My job is to see you, your habits and your resistances - your resistance is where the gold is and I will help you find it! 

This is a fun and playful process that opens our minds to what else is possible for us! Curiosity, kindness and playfulness mixed together are the secret elixir to bypass the limitations of your mind. Set up a call HERE

The Change Militia


This self-paced online program will help you get unstuck and evolve quickly with the support of an awesome grassroots community. I can honestly say after 20 years of seeking that there is nothing else like it on the market. Definitely check this out if you are ready to explore what else is possible. 

We are kindness warriors, strong, curious, and passionate people, committed to fun, playfulness, and fluidity. Be ready to get unstuck, get big, and get moving.  Check it out HERE.

Private and Group Retreats in Bali


The island of Bali is one of the most expressively creative places on earth. If you have an inkling of creative energy flowing, it will amplify it quickly and allow you to express it. If you have a lot of it flowing, it will expand it more and take that potential in new directions.

I've been going to Bali for almost 2 decades and find that taking clients there changes their mindset quickly and opens them to way more of their own potential ... going together on a private trip is the super accelerated program to get you results in a fun and adventurous way.

To find out more about a private immersion in Bali set up a call HERE or see the group retreats HERE

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