Feeling like you're stuck right now? I'm going to tell you why that's actually awesome.

Maybe what you are thinking is

  • This just isn’t enough.

  • I am spinning my wheels.

  • Why does this feel so hard?

  • There's got to be something else.

  • I have it all, I should feel better than this.

  • I’ve been successful, so why can’t I figure this out.

Most high achievers know themselves mentally but have no idea who they are or what they are experiencing beyond that … and there is so much more to us as humans! It´s so fun to explore and feel as your capacity to experience life amplifies quickly, the more you experience the more you will want to experience.   

In the past few years I have witnessed that most high achieving, driven, creators are relying on the same thinking patterns that created their success to figure out how to experience the “something more.” But that type of thinking, by its very nature, limits what new unknown potentials you can feel and experience.

The great news is that when you start to feel stuck, you are primed for this kind of change.

All of the indicators that I mentioned above are excellent indicators that your mind is ready to expand.

The very thinking that got you to your current is the very same thinking that will stop you from feeling high levels of expansion in the human experience. I experienced this very thing over and over until I learned a new way of being in the world.

Many years ago, I had the most amazing lifestyle; I was traveling and living exactly the way I wanted. I served lots of people and did great work I was proud of. Everything I visioned kept coming to life. But as time went on, I realized it just wasn’t enough.

I too had a strong nagging feeling that there HAD to be something else, more than this. I kept getting these whispers in quiet moments that “there's got to be more out there,” I just needed to figure it out.

And after much curiosity and experimenting, I did figure it out! Actually I realized once I found it, that it wasn’t that complex and it didn’t take much time to make a huge shift to really fun, satiating feelings of being fully stoked with my life every day.

It doesn’t require regurgitating your past, having a breakdown or meditating until you are numb.

Now I've made it my mission to help other high performers experience it too.

I will help you to get unstuck and increase your awareness of all these other parts of you that you don't know exist, that are the keys to your fulfillment. I use my excessive curiosity to guide you to the places where you’re stuck and tap into that as your source of greatest potential.

I work with high-performing leaders, creative professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs to help them experience a new way of being, one filled with higher states of being like ease, joy, connection, intimacy, fun, love, celebration, unleashed creativity and high levels of energy.

Your fulfillment matters because as a leader you touch so many lives. You change the world around you with every single interaction and creation so focusing on you and exploring what else is possible is worth your time and energy. You deserve it and so do those around you.

It all starts within.

Want to get unstuck and live more fully?

Set up a complimentary call with me and I will give you a specific actionable tool to get you unstuck so you can start experiencing some of those higher level vibes now. 

“I heard Kelly speak at a time in my life when I felt stuck. I was anxious. I couldn’t think. My head was foggy. I was stuck. I spoke with Kelly and her ‘unpackaged’ approach clicked with me right away! Over the next year, I worked with Kelly on a weekly basis and it changed my course completely. Today, I feel the difference in how I trust myself, in my relationships with my husband and my kids but above all I don’t feel stuck!”
— Neeta Thawani, Researcher
“Kelly has brought me the most pivotal lessons I needed for my personal life and business, so that I can be the person I want to be.

I feel confident, secure, excited and happy; I have the trust and knowing that I am doing the deeply valued work I was put on this earth to do - to fulfill my purpose, and help others to do the same by helping them heal and gain their own confidence, using wardrobe as the conduit!”
— Suze Solari, Professional Stylist
On my initial consultation call with Kelly I gained so much insight that I finally felt ready to make a commitment to myself to bring about the changes in my life I so desired and over the past few years, since beginning our work together, I’ve seen an organic transformation in my life.

Kelly has helped me become more self-aware and in tune with my state of being so that I am able to recognize past negative habits and use new practices to help me receive more of what I want out of my life. She has always been there for me with support and guidance in the various areas of my life needing attention whether it be career, marriage, children or personal development. Kelly has made a positive impact on my life and I am so fortunate to have her as a teacher and friend.
— Julie Kohl, VP Marketing