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Private all-inclusive week in Bali

This won't be like any other retreat you've experienced.

One week, exotic place, opportunities to experiment with who you are being, private coaching and non-traditional tools to make your vision actually happen.

This private, fully customized retreat is an immersive opportunity to have a fun adventure and get results fast.

It is designed for someone who is ready to explore new opportunities and how to make them happen now. Its for the curious person who is driven to explore what else is available for their experience of life and business, the person who has the nagging sense that “there has got to be more.”

“I can’t remember a time in my life where people took care of me like this. This week far exceeded my expectations!”
“My energy this past week has skyrocketed. I now really understand how to be embodied and how to feel what I really want. I now know what I truly want. This is investing in yourself at a daring level and getting big results!”
This private week serves you so deeply and lovingly that you will never forget your time with Kelly Sheets. It’s magical … Ha! That really sums up my week!”