Bali Creatives Retreat Preparation

Here are a few more things to keep in mind for the trip and things to do:


Please sign and return the waiver that I have attached to the email. You can scan it and email it back or print it and send it to me at

Kelly Sheets, Po Box 234, Sisters, OR 97759


The airport you are flying into is Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia(DPS)

I recommend exploring an Asian airline like China Airlines or EVA airlines (these two have the cheapest and shortest flights from the east coast.) Go directly to their sites as they rarely offer sales on discount sites.

Once you book your flight, please email me your flight information so we have the details and can plan ahead for transport (


Passports must be valid for 6 months on the date you leave the US to be accepted by Indonesia so make sure you check the expiration of your passport now so you can renew if needed.


Please get travel insurance incase of a glitch in your travel plans occurs and incase of any major health issues or injuries.


You will get a visa upon arrival so no need to do any work to get an advanced visa unless you plan to stay more than 30 days.


Feel free to reach out if you have questions about extending your trip and what to do. Insight Guidebooks are a simple and colorful way to check out some basics about Bali and choose some other places to go beyond Ubud where we will stay. Ubud is also a central , interesting location and you can day trip right from the resort if you want to stay put and just add extra nights there. You can hire a driver for the day right from the hotel to take you to some other destinations.

If you plan to stay extra nights at the resort, I suggest booking them on our group reservation for the discount rate about two months before the trip. I will put out an email then with details and ask for confirmations and payments.


Casual. That is the word for Bali. Wear what you feel good in. It is warm and humid so loose fitting clothing is best. I tend to spend the majority of time in loose dresses, light pants or shorts and tank tops. But evenings may be cool if there is some rain so a simple sarong over your shoulders or very light sweater is great. We are at the end of rainy season so we may have some afternoon showers which are refreshing. Bring a bathing suit for sure since we will go in the pool and to a water temple.

At the market there is LOTS of fun stuff to buy. Sarongs galore and cute dresses so you can always buy things especially if you arrive a bit early.


Leave room for gifts on the way back! Last trip I think we could have loaded a whole small plane with all of the fabrics purchased in the group - ok that’s an exaggeration but seriously there is some great artistry in Bali. And you may just pack an extra bag in your suitcase or buy one in Bali.


Valori will be sending out art supplies and a short list of suggestions for you to bring along! She will also include a supplies list with some suggested things to bring along. Look for that a few weeks before the retreat.


Wifi is available at the resort. Valori and I will be on WhatsApp for communication while in Bali, you can download it on iTunes. It is free when you are on WiFi to call home and text using this app. Please add our numbers. Kelly 805.746.6255, Valori 541.408.5756

  • We are both on Instagram and Facebook if you would like to follow. On Instagram @valoriwells and @Kelsheets


So we can all see each others photos while you are in Bali or on your way, please use hashtags #balicreativesretreat and #creativesretreats You can use these on both Facebook and Instagram and then we can all see the photos from the trip by searching those hashtags.


Please take a look at your guidebook or online for things to bring along and shots they recommend. I suggest bringing a basic first aid kit just in case you need anything like bandaids, aspirin or anti-diarrheal but pharmacies in town have medications. If you are ill while there we will get you to the hospital that serves expats. And as a note - do not drink the water out of any faucet. All water should come from filtered or bottled water sources, even at the hotel. Bali Belly is caused by drinking contaminated water and results in a few days of diarrhea. No medications needed, just patience and care for it to pass. Just ask them to refill your bottles at meals and everyday you get two fresh ones in your room. Restaurants often offer free water now at the table that has been filtered. That said, please bring a bottle to refill so we can avoid buying lots of plastic bottles that will likely end up in the ocean.


We will send along a schedule for the week as we get close to our departure as well as an email to introduce yourself to the group so you can get excited and feel prepared for our adventures ahead.


Balinese speak Indonesian though they also have a local Balinese language, which can make it tricky at moments. I think when they gossip they switch to Balinese. I love speaking Indonesian! The Balinese have a playful way of speaking and are really playful people.

It is a simple language to learn and the locals laugh and think its great when you speak their language. Almost everyone, where we are going, Ubud, speaks English but here are a few key phrases to connect more with the locals.

Also there are a few free podcasts you can download and listen to if you’d like to hear the language. Just search Indonesian.

The whole reason I started sharing Bali with people is because of the land and the people. It really is a special place on earth. They have impacted my life immensely with their kindness, flexibility and playfulness. They are great teachers. Assume the best from them and connect.

Hello – Hello (or Salam)

Goodbye – Sampai Junpa

Thank you – Terima Kasih

Excuse me - Permisi

Yes – Ya

No – Tidak

Good morning – Selamat Pagi

Good day – Selamat Siang

Good afternoon – Selamat Sore

Good evening – Selamat Malam

Good night – Selamat Tidor


As we get closer to the trip I will send you a video and worksheet to help you prepare your intentions for Bali and an exploration of what you would like to gain from our retreat time together.


On the first afternoon in Bali I will share a few cultural considerations for your visit about the religion and daily life but for now here are a few to have with you. The culture is kind so they will not berate you for doing something wrong, they are more likely to laugh:

  • Plastics!! Please, please, please, pay attention to your choices when it comes to plastics. Bali has been deeply impacted by plastic waste. Bring a reusable water bottle on the plane and plan to refill it all week long. There is water in all the airports and at the resort to refill your bottle. Plastic bottles, bags and packaging are a huge problem on the island. Also please carry a reusable bag to buy gifts and food items. Lastly, please plan to take back your cosmetic containers, such as small shampoos and body care items - perhaps using refillable ones that are not one use. Be a good guest and think ahead to the impact of plastics through the week.

  • The head is sacred, closer to the heavens, and the feet are considered the lowest form, so your feet should never be pointed at anyone. If you are sitting on the floor, tuck your feet under you and away from the person across from you. Touching a Balinese on the head is not considered appropriate unless you are a close relation to them for the same reason.

  • The Balinese take off their shoes before going into someone’s home. Shoes are dirty. The Balinese are so flexible emotionally that they have let go of some of this so that tourists feel comfortable going into shops and now everyone wears shoes in restaurants. Watch for cues and always weigh on the side of consideration for their customs. Even if they say its not a problem they will appreciate you knowing that this is their custom.

  • Tipping and their cost of living: So historically it is not customary to tip. Things are changing so if you wish to be generous, drop a tip, especially at the hotel where the staff are highly educated and working to please you. We do leave a tip at the end for the hotel staff so feel free to contribute to that if it feels good. But in general, tipping is not required nor the normal. Balinese still do not make much money so for instance tipping 10,000rp for a ride from the airport is kind and under a dollar.

  • We are staying at a high end resort so we are living more like very fortunate tourists for the week so the customs in the resort will reflect that, but out in Bali beyond Ubud (and other touristed areas) there is still a lot of poverty and the people live a very simple life. Having a hotel job is a big deal and the staff is educated. Their wages put them in a good position and one large tip can change the month. We usually just pool a tip at the end of the trip to pass on to the staff.