Bali Creatives Retreat Preparation



This video will help you prepare your intentions for Bali. Please send your to me at using the form I included in the email.


Below is a video below with some thoughts to consider on being a great guest in Bali regarding waste and plastics.

On the first afternoon in Bali I will share a few cultural considerations for your visit about the religion and daily life but for now here are a few to have with you. The culture is kind so they will not berate you for doing something wrong, they are more likely to laugh:

  • The head is sacred, closer to the heavens, and the feet are considered the lowest form so your feet should never be pointed at anyone. If you are sitting on the floor, tuck your feet under you and away from the person across from you. Touching a Balinese on the head is not considered appropriate unless you are a close relation to them for the same reason.

  • The Balinese take off their shoes before going into someones home. Shoes are dirty. The Balinese are so flexible emotionally that they have let go of some of this so that tourists feel comfortable going into shops and now everyone wears shoes in restaurants. Watch for cues and always weigh on the side of consideration for their customs. Even if they say its not a problem they will appreciate you knowing that this is their custom.

  • Tipping and their cost of living: So historically it is not customary to tip. Things are changing so if you wish to be generous, drop a tip, especially at the hotel where the staff are highly educated and working to please you. But in general, tipping is not required. Balinese still do not make much money so for instance tipping 10,000 for a ride from the airport is kind and under a dollar. We are staying at a high end resort so we are living more like high end tourists for the week so the customs there reflect that but out in Bali beyond Ubud (and other touristed areas) there is still a lot of poverty and the people live a very simple life. For instance, minimum wage in Ubud now is $147/month, or just under $5/day - that is IF you work for a business that is monitored like our resort. Many places in Indonesia are still at $87/month. The average wage over the 17,000 islands in the country is $183/month. When I eat at little local restaurant where tourists are rare I can get a meal for just under $1. For comparison the meals at the hotel are $35 a meal. That gives you a comparison. Having a hotel job is a big deal, not like here where it is a low wage job. Their wages put them in a good position and one large tip can change the month. So personally I don’t tip as a rule, I tip when I feel that I have gotten something special and want to express gratitude or when I KNOW that my money will move the needle in someone’s life.


Valori and I will be on WhatsApp for communication while in Bali, you can download it on iTunes. It is free when you are on WiFi to call home and text. Please add our numbers if you plan to use it. Kelly 805.746.6255, Valori 541.408.5756

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