Being present changes time and energy


The practice of presence changes time and energy. I was pretty tired and physically drained when I went to feed the farm animals today. I was alone because both my trusty sidekick and my backup were gone for today.

I started out feeling a bit overwhelmed like “how will I get it all done with the energy I have?” 😩 (total future projection) and then I looked at Pancho the donkey here and what came to mind was the Buddhist saying, “chop wood, carry water.” Just do the work in front of you. Fill one hay bag. Then take it slowly to the pen. Fill the water. Pet your friends. And continue onwards. Speed is not required, presence is what is needed to finish this job. And immediately it got easy! And fun!

I was present and having fun with now worries of time or energy. And just as I did start feeling physically “done”, I was actually done :) 

No matter how challenging something is emotionally or physically, stay present and time and energy expands. This works every time, no fail, in all areas of my life. Presence is powerful.