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Breathe: The Simple Guide To Better Health for Quilters, Artists and Creatives

And so it is live!!!!

My latest book is on the simple practices of breathing and movement that so many of us forget to pay attention to. What I share in this short book can have a great impact in generating better health without a ton of effort.

Breathe. The Simple Guide to Better Health for Quilters, Artists and Creatives.

I wrote this book for those who tend towards sedentary in their work - the artists, quilters, writers, photographers, painters, designers, videographers ... those who draw, dye, sew, stitch, come up with brilliant ideas to share with the world yet spend much of that time without much movement, enmeshed in the process of creation.

This is for YOU! Enjoy and know that with these simple practices things can begin to change and you can create momentum to feeling more energized, more creative, and more appreciative of yourself this year!

The cover art is a quilt by amazing artist and fabric designer Valori Wells Kennedy - it is actually her upcoming collection. The foreword is by Jenny Fish Doan who does an amazing job of providing free weekly tutorials to her audience so anyone (even me!) can learn to quilt. I will link her tutorial on this below.

For more information click on my image with the book!

Click on the image below to watch our tutorial on Youtube!