This kind of selfish changes the world.

We live in a culture that seems to vacillate between valuing service to others above self or greedily seeking self-gratification.

But when we highly value our own personal sense of fulfillment we can have both – serve others at a higher level and create opportunities for material growth.

There is what I hear in the conversations I have with clients:

First, the people I talk to are really smart and like what they do but FEEL STUCK.

But here what else shows up after stuck:

They ALL say within our first conversation some variation of “There must be something more” or “This isn’t enough” – they’re referring to work and life.

The desire isn’t only for more stuff, experiences or higher levels of success; it’s for a feeling they know they want but can’t figure out how to have. It’s a deep-seated desire to FEEL something more as a result of what they are creating in the world.

In the material world, fulfillment looks different to everyone but inside it seems to FEEL quite similar.

Powerful. Effortless. Expansive. Possible. Playful. Curious. Connected. Creative. Possible. Light. Loving. Ease.

High vibes.

When you experience fulfillment moment after moment, you start to radiate these high vibes. It ripples out to family, team members, clients, customers, partners, and strangers you meet.


The value you get by investing in your own sense of fulfillment ends up creating opportunity for you AND serving others. This kind of selfish changes the world.